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Luxury 55+ clubhouse community featuring gorgeous villas

This luxury resort is over 55 years old and is a unique place to live in Maryland. Discover the sublime pleasures of your stay between the bustle of the west coast and the serenity of the east coast. These unique villa style villas are complemented by a lifestyle with an impressive clubhouse and unlimited activities.

Amazing location in Chesapeake

Kent Island is located on the west coast of Queen Anne County at the foot of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, which connects the east and west coasts of Maryland. With its marinas, seafood restaurants and nature trails, Kent Island is a paradise for boaters and vacationers alike. Kent Island has a rich history.

From the beginnings of the Matapeake tribe to the first European settlers of the 17th century, from tobacco growing to bombing tourism, Kent's history reflects the changes that have taken place over the centuries. Today, visitors and residents enjoy the privacy on the island and the rapprochement with Annapolis.

Nature lovers can explore the beautiful state parks or visit the Chesapeake Exploration Centers. Golfers will find several golf courses nearby, while fishermen do not know where to start! History buffs, art and antiques lovers will appreciate the island's offerings as well as being close to Annapolis, Baltimore, Washington DC, Philadelphia and New York.

Luxury 55+ clubhouse community with beautiful mansions in the MD

Discover the perfect retirement lifestyle between the hustle and bustle of western Chesapeake and the tranquility of the east coast.

Maryland offers something of everything, geographically. You can ski in the mountains to the west, sail east in the Atlantic and browse the lush hills of the center of the state.

Picturesque canals, quaint villages, old-fashioned rural lifestyle, historic sites, eclectic shops, boutiques and museums. Enjoy art and nature in Easton's theatrical productions, galleries, art festivals and farmers' markets.

Maryland offers an impressive network of universities and hospitals that contribute to local cultural life and the physical well-being of residents.


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