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Get An Unbiased Mold Testing In Philadelphia

Unbiased Mold Testing performed thousands of inspections and were called to test the form for various reasons.
This is our list or the top 10 reasons why people hire us.
1. See something unusual

Impartial form test
Mold in ventilation

The most common reason we call is that people see something strange at home or at home. The potential growth of building materials, furniture or other personal items suggests to people that it is time to tackle a problem. Unfortunately, mold growth is usually the last symptom that will occur. At the same time, what people find toxic is sometimes harmless or not at all.

2. feel something weird

Impartial form test

In order for the mold to grow indoors, the environment must change. When these problems occur, water and excess are present to a certain extent. These changes can often be accompanied by an odor. A typical description of these aromas would be moldy, damp, outside or similar.


Impartial form test

Another common reason why people use our service is that they constantly have health problems. Nasal discharge, itchy eyes and sneezing are side effects that occur in some people when these problems persist. Remember that these allergies are very similar. Not all people are equally prone to mold problems. So you can have two people in the same building and only one person suffers.


Impartial form test

A baby makes people too cautious and they want to make every effort to create the best possible environment for the baby. These concerns are justified because babies are much more prone to the disease. Studies have also shown that indoor air quality can have a greater impact on adolescents. Many suspect that a mold infestation at a young age could be responsible for the development of asthma.


Proof of form: real estate transaction

When you commit to buying a property or signing a lease for a year, you must make sure that you do not interfere with someone else's problems. Unfortunately, serious mold problems can be easily covered for a short time by cleaning or painting the affected areas. Fortunately for our customers, they can not hide the air problems and we will find them.


Impartial trial form: water damage

For mold to grow, you need water / moisture. Therefore, if water damage is caused at home by floods, structural damage, sanitation problems or other problems, we recommend that you always perform a fitness test after a complete recovery of the water. water. This will ensure that the company you are hiring has done its job and that everything is back to normal before reconstruction. If you omit this step, the rebuilt material may be torn and re-executed. A big headache for everyone.


Evidence without prejudice: legal

Unfortunately, we sometimes have to get involved in the court process. If you believe that there is any possibility of action against a landlord, tenant, vendor, insurance company or anything else in this regard, it is very important to conduct a form test. The results of our tests provide the evidence you need to support your claims about what's going on. Without lab results, it's just in front of your words. If necessary, we offer our inspectors experts.


Mold without harm: asthma

People suffering from a chronic respiratory disease such as asthma treat us a lot. They often go through difficult times and want to make sure that mold does not make these problems worse. Sometimes it's mold and sometimes not.

9. old house

Proof of form without prejudice: old house

Every old house will have a history and some things that may worry the owner / resident. Often we can detect some water damage problems / molds that have not been treated properly.

10. Peace of mind

peace of mind

The last 10 reasons on this list are people looking for insurance. You may have heard of mold problems, find you mold testing and inspection Philadelphia


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